• Quality

    Despite it's previous use, we have selected the highest quality gear with minimal wear and tear.

  • Eliminate Waste

    Purchasing used goods is a great way to cut down on wasting materials and help eradicate pollution.

  • It has a story

    Each piece has a unique journey and history. Give it a new life full of great adventures.


What is KIG?

KIG stands for "Keep it Going" and is a collection of lightly used outdoor apparel and gear.

What used goods do you sell?

We sell apparel, light camping gear such as backpacks and hammocks, and other small outdoor items.

Can I return my KIG purchase?

There are no returns when purchasing KIG gear. However, if you receive a product damaged or in worse condition than advertised, let us know and you may be eligible for store credit.

Can I send in my used goods for store credit?

At this time, we don't have a program to accept used goods for credit. We are working on a solution to this and should have it ready in the coming year.

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Take care of each other. Take care of our planet.